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Catalogue of Connecticut volunteer organizations, (infantry, cavalry, and artillery,) in the service of the United States, 1861 932
Connecticut, a guide to its roads, lore and people 690
Burt's guide through the Connecticut Valley to the White Mountains and the River Saquenay 310
Connecticut beautiful 300
Inventory of the town and city archives of Connecticut. 199
Crossing and re-crossing the Connecticut River : a description of the river from its mouth to its source, with a history of its 154
Road and hand book of Massachusetts and Rhode Island 121
Connecticut statute laws : a bibliographical list of editions of Connecticut laws from the earliest issues to 1836 119
Reference list on Connecticut local history 113
A tourists guide to Connecticut 78
Overflow letters from the genealogical and biographical history of the Manning families of New England : for the use of later c 78
An index of the Stafford families of New England and their descendants 55
An index of material concerning Connecticut 32
List of memoirs printed in the "Collections" of the Massachusetts Historical Society 7

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Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, 1806 38,029
U.S. Cemetery Address Book 28,812
U.S. County History Catalog 3,136
Encyclopedia of the history of St. Louis : a compendium of history and biography for ready reference 2,901
NARA Collections on Ancestry.com 1,707
A contribution to the history, biography and genealogy of the families named Sole, Solly, Soule, Sowle, Soulis, with other form 1,330
English Origins of New England Families, Second Series Vol. III 997
L'Hommedieu : index. 970
English Origins of New England Families, Vol. III 883
English Origins of New England Families, Vol. II 845
The American Jewish year book. 524
Irish Relatives and Friends 467
Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. 442
Prominent personages of the nation's capital : a work for newspaper and library reference. 341
Hispanic Surnames and Family History, 1996 341
An alphabetical list of the battles of the War of the Rebellion, with dates : from Fort Sumter, S.C., April 12 and 13, 1861, to 336
The American Jewish year book, 5663 : October 2, 1902 to September 21, 1903 331
Cross-Index to New Haven Genealogical Magazine Volumes I-VIII, inclusive Families of Ancient New Haven 303
The Warren G. Harding papers : an inventory to the microfilm edition 297
English Origins of American Colonists 294
Encyclopedia of German-American Genealogical Research 283
Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700 278
Alphabetical list of battles, 1754-1900 : War of the Rebellion, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and all old wars 262
Summer on the lakes, in 1843 259
Bibliography of the Gordons 226
Cyclopaedia of African Methodism 198
The heraldry of Smith : being a collection of the arms borne by, or attributed to, most families of that surname in Great Brita 169
Guide to Baltimore : with an account of the geology of its environs and three maps : American Institute of Mining Engineers, Ba 159
The Scottish Surnames of Colonial America 158
Hand-list of the Bagshawe muniments deposited in the John Rylands Library 145
A list of references for the history of Black Americans in agriculture, 1619-1974 122
The Macon guide and Ocmulgee National Monument 122
Inventory of the town and city archives of Connecticut. : Fairfield County 113
Inventory of the town and city archives of Connecticut. : Hartford County 103
Trips by trolley around Hartford 87
Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors, Vol. III 77
Two letters to Benjamin Franklin from Peter Charles Daniel Count O'Hegerty : with documents concerning him and his family in t 75
Catálogo biográfico de la casa de Thayer de Braintree 62
A statistical account of the city of New Haven 61
Cook's crier, the Franklin fireplace surname index 58
Index to the previous three reports on Whiteside(s) names found outside of the United States, ca. 1230-1959 43
Published writings of Arthur Caswell Parker 1900-1959 : a bibligraphy : typescript, 38
Inventory and calendar of the Charles L. Kurtz papers, 1873-1899 36
Index to decendents [sic] of John and Margaret Montgomery 35
Heston geneology directory. 31
Inventory of the Mallory family papers 29
Early maps of Ohio and the West 25
Surname index for Gifford genealogy by Harry E. Gifford 24
Letters concerning the Perkins family 24
Some notes on inconsistencies in published genealogical data and additions thereto 16
Mr. Webster's speeches in the Senate upon the question of renewing the charter of the Bank of the United States 15
Letters of Rebecca Woolsey, 1783-1785 14
Autograph letters 8
Heraldry 8
Numismatics 6
Revolutionary correspondence of 1777 5
War of 1812 correspondence. 4
Papers relating to the War of 1812 4
War of 1812: Biographical notices and correspondence 4
Four letters of Dr. Isaac Watts 4
War correspondence, Northern Frontier, 1812. 4
War of 1812. 3
Selection no. 3, War of 1812 3