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New Haven County Birth, Marriage & Death

Inscriptions on tombstones in New Haven, erected prior to 1800 145
Inscriptions on tombstones in Milford, Conn., erected prior to 1800 : together with a few of the aged persons who died after th 76

New Haven County Newspapers & Publications

Naugatuck Daily News (Naugatuck, Connecticut) 43,473

New Haven County Schools, Directories & Church Histories

Waterbury, Connecticut Directories, 1889-91 47,652
Ansonia, Connecticut Directories, 1887-91 35,914
Derby, Connecticut Directories, 1889-91 9,492
The evolution of an old New England church : being the history of the Old Stone Church in East Haven, Connecticut 195

New Haven County Convict, Criminal, Land & Wills

Records of the colony and plantation of New Haven, from 1638 to 1649 554
Proprietors' records of the town of Waterbury, Connecticut : 1677-1761 268

New Haven County Reference, Dictionaries & Almanacs

Cross-Index to New Haven Genealogical Magazine Volumes I-VIII, inclusive Families of Ancient New Haven 303
A statistical account of the city of New Haven 61

New Haven County Stories, Memories & Histories

Biographical sketches of the graduates of Yale College : with annals of the college history 4,751
The town and city of Waterbury, Connecticut : from the aboriginal period to the year eighteen hundred and ninety-five 2,372
New Haven, Connecticut History 1,357
An historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, Connecticut, and men who have made it : from earliest sett 1,230
The history of the old town of Derby, Connecticut, 1641-1880 : with biographies and genealogies 959
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