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Minutes of the Common Council of the city of New York, 1784-1831 14,732
A History of the parish of Trinity Church in the city of New York 2,100
Leslie's history of the greater New York 1,894
History of the city of New York : its origin, rise and progress 1,734
The old merchants of New York City 1,498
The American metropolis : from Knickerbocker days to the present time : New York city life in all its various phases 1,257
History of the city of New York in the seventeenth century 1,221
The diary of Philip Hone : 1828-1851 1,036
Revised history of Harlem (city of New York) : prefaced by home scenes in the fatherlands, or, notices of its founders before e 918
Half moon series : papers on historic New York 890
Lights and shadows of New York life, or, The sights and sensations of the great city : a work descriptive of the city of New Yo 851
History of New York City from the discovery to the present day 835
History of the city of New York : from its earliest settlement to the present time 811
New York, old and new : its story, streets and landmarks 809
The Catholic churches of New York City : with sketches of their history and lives of the present pastors : with an introduction 802
Sunshine and shadow in New York 730
The great metropolis : a mirror of New York : a complete history of metropolitan life and society, with sketches of prominent p 707
A history of the Brick Presbyterian Church in the city of New York 674
Colonial charters, patents and grants to the communities comprising the city of New York 665
The rise of the Jewish community of New York, 1654-1860 656
The Redemption of New York 641
Notable New Yorkers of 1896-1899 617
Grace Church and old New York 609
Lost chapters recovered from the early history of American Methodism 608
The story of the volunteer fire department of the city of New York 591
Colonial records of the New York Chamber of Commerce, 1768-1784. With Historical and biographical sketches 577
History of St. George's Church in the city of New York, 1752-1811-1911 555
The greatest street in the world : the story of Broadway, old and new, from the Bowling Green to Albany 536
A loiterer in New York : discoveries made by a rambler through obvious yet unsought highways and byways 529
Annals of New York Methodism 515
The story of the city of New York 514
Leslie's history of the greater New York : biographical : volume de luxe. 492
New York as an eighteenth century municipality 487
The centennial history of Saint Bartholomew's Church in the city of New York : 1835-1935 450
The book of New York : forty years' recollections of the American metropolis 448
A landmark history of New York : including a guide to commemorative sites and monuments 442
The banks of New York : their dealers, the clearing house, and the Panic of 1857, with a financial chart 433
Last days of Knickerbocker life in New York 432
A history of the churches of all denominations in the city of New York : from the first settlement to the year 1850 430
Dutch New York 428
New York, the metropolis : its noted business and professional men. 423
History of the city of New York 421
Social New York under the Georges, 1714-1776 : houses, streets and country homes, with chapters on fashions, furniture, china, 415
New Amsterdam and its people : studies, social and topographical, of the town under Dutch and early English rule 412
Herringshaw's City Blue Book of Biography: New Yorkers of 1917: Ten Thousand Biographies 408
Annals and occurrences of New York City and State in the olden time : being a collection of memoirs, anecdotes, and incidents 402
Tales of a wayward inn 397
History of the Church of Zion and St. Timothy of New York : 1797-1894. 394
The witches of New York 392
The New York Conspiracy or A History of the Negro Plot 392
A history of the Moravian Church in New York City 388
Fifty years in Yorkville, or, Annals of the parish of St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Lawrence O'Toole 385
New Harlem, past and present : the story of an amazing civic wrong, now at last to be righted 383
An Historical Sketch of Trinity Church, New-York 381
The History of Tammany Hall 377
The Battery : the story of the adventurers, artists, statesmen, grafters, songsters, mariners, pirates, guzzlers, and Indians 375
The Little Church Around the Corner 375
A Maritime history of New York 374
The description of the city of New-York 371
A Souvenir of New York City, old and new 367
Recollections of persons and events chiefly in the city of New York : being selections from his journal 367
Matrimonial brokerage in the metropolis : being true narratives of strange adventures in New York, and startling facts 364
A volume commemorating the creation of the second city by the consolidation of the communities adjacent to New York 362
Off-hand portraits of prominent New Yorkers 358
Fifth Avenue 357
The Election and Naturalization Frauds in New York City, 1860-1870 349
The Metropolitan Hospital: a Chronicle of Sixty-Two Years 347
Here's to Broadway! 347
History of the Parish of the Incarnation, New York City: 1852-1912 345
New York: A Historical Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Metropolitan City of America 343
New York's Chinatown: An Historical Presentation of its People and Places 342
Manhattan, Now and Long Ago 328
When Old New York was Young 326
Backward Glances: Reminiscences of an Old New-Yorker 319
Tammany at Bay 310
The Insolence of Office 310
History of the School of the Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church in the City of New York: from1633 to1883 309
The Story of the Waldorf-Astoria 308
A Romance of Providence: Being a History of the Church of the Strangers, in the City of New York 307
History of the School of the Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church in the City of New York 307
Old New York, from the Battery to Blomingdale: Etchings 306
A Brief History of the City of New York 305
Yesterdays in Little Old New York 305
The Old Brewery and the New Mission House at the Five Points 305
History of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church of New York City, New York from 1808 to 1908 305
The History of the Church of the Holy Apostles (Protestant Episcopal): 1844-1944 303
Round Manhattan's Rim 299
Literary New York: Its Landmarks and Associations 296
In olde New York: Sketches of old times and places in both the state and the city 283
Narrative of events connected with the bicentennial celebration of Trinity Church, New York: in May, MDCCCXCVII. 278
New York in Bondage 276
New York nights 273
The Story of Manhattan 262
The story of St. Mary's: the Society of the Free Church of St. Mary the Virgin, New York City, 1868-1931 261
Historical souvenir of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration, state of New York : for the commemoration of the ter-centenary 260
New York 258
New York during the last half century: a discourse in commemoration of the fifty-third anniversary of the NY Historical Society 257
A History of the New York Swamp 256
History and Reminiscences of Lower Wall Street and Vicinity 253
Annals of Old Manhattan 251
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