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Here’s how we’ve made searching Ancestry better than ever:

  1. 1 Refine Search

    Easily add information or remove it from your search – no more scrolling to the bottom of the page

  2. 2 Categories

    Narrow your search by new, better organised content categories and subcategories

  3. 3 Matching Person

    Get the best matches possible from family trees on Ancestry

  4. 4 Record Preview

    Hover over a search result to preview more detailed information without having to click on the result

  5. 5 Image Snapshots

    View sections of newspaper and journal images highlighting your search terms to see whether a match is relevant

  6. 6 Photo Results

    See thumbnails of photos in your search results

  7. 7 Record Counts

    Quickly learn how many matches you have

  8. 8 Site-wide Search

    Search all of Ancestry at once without sacrificing a thing – and find photos, historical records, newspapers and histories all on the same page in a simpler, easier-to-read layout

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